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Our 2 senior consumer debt negotiators have a combined 50+ years of consumer debt settlement experience. If your current financial hardship has been worsened by the current Coronavirus (COVID-19) Pandemic, call us today at 877-297-2440 to see if we are able to help with your unique circumstances. Reduced program fees are given to Veterans & Military clients.

We are a full disclosure company. which means that we don’t just tell the positives of a program. We will also fully disclose all of the negatives, so that our client can choose the debt relief program that is right for them.

Personal Debt Settlement: If you decide to move forward with a debt settlement program, the newly reduced monthly payment that would have been paid to your creditors, will now go towards building up a “set aside account”, which is used to settle your debts.

As you have enough funds built up in your “set aside account”, we will then begin making offers to your creditors for settling specific debts. We will continue the process of settling one debt at a time, until all of your debts have either settled or a payment arrangement has been made.

By using a debt settlement strategy, it is not uncommon to see a savings of 40% to 50% (or more) including all fees, once all of your current debts are settled. The good thing is that in most cases, our clients can be out of debt within 24 to 48 months.

Personal Debt Invalidation: The process of invalidating debts that are in error, includes analyzing our client’s credit report, then preparing correspondence to their creditors (or collection agencies) requesting validation of their debts.

Official dispute packages are then sent to each creditor (or collection agency) demanding that they provide the correct documentation and proof of their right to collect, pursuant to both state and federal law.

If they are unable to provide accurate documentation, which often happens, the debt is classified as invalid and therefore is unable to be collected from our client.

COVID-19 Message

Our mission is to help as many businesses and consumers as possible with their current financial hardship, likely worsened by the current Coronavirus (COVID-19) Pandemic.

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