Full Spectrum Debt Solutions is a debt settlement firm featuring a business debt negotiator with over 35 years of debt settlement experience, including the 20 years he ran his debt collection and business litigation law practice. Our 2 senior personal debt negotiators have a combined 50+ years of consumer debt settlement experience, as well.

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Business Debt Settlements


Available credit and effective debt management are vital to survival in today’s competitive business world. Even the most conscientious and credit worthy business person can become the victim of circumstances beyond his/her control, including economic downturn, inaccurate budgeting, unforeseen expenses, slow paying customers, etc.

Additionally, decisions that are made with more optimism than realism can also create problems with accounts payable.

When faced with a seemingly insurmountable debt load and creditors clamoring for payment, filing for reorganization (Chapter 11) may seem to be the only option. It is absolutely not. Statistically, fewer than 10% of all companies that file for Chapter 11 are ever able to emerge intact. The other 90% ultimately go down forever.


Our clients are expertly represented by a large staff of fully-trained professionals who achieve a very high percentage of successful settlements, usually for pennies on the dollar.

Our lead negotiator has helped thousands of pressured businesses save millions of dollars, often being given sole credit for saving them from an inevitable bankruptcy. Over 80% of all debts negotiated are settled to the client’s complete satisfaction, with settlements typically ranging from 35% to 60% of the original amount. In other words, the client ends up paying as little as 35 cents on the dollar of the total debt put into his/her business debt settlement program. Sometimes, it’s even less than that.

In most cases, even after paying our contingency performance fee (20% of his/her total debt), clients should realize a NET SAVINGS of around 40-50%. Of course, if the client does not accept the settlement negotiated by Full Spectrum Debt Solutions, there is no settlement and no fee is earned.


Settlements negotiated through Full Spectrum Debt Solutions are by mutual agreement between parties. Bilateral contracts customarily serve all parties equally, and could seldom ever be construed to fall outside the boundaries of either legality or ethics.


Full Spectrum Debt Solutions clients obtain instant relief from creditor pressures, and subsequently enjoy improved debt to asset ratios after their negotiated settlements. Creditors obtain lump-sum cash flow, which they generally prefer to receiving minimal partial payments or absolutely no payments at all.


Ours is a proactive approach to debt resolution by making something happen, rather than waiting for something to happen (reactive). Once relieved of the pressures of unpaid payables, our clients can devote more time to running their businesses successfully. Additionally, our clients reserve the right to approve all settlements negotiated on their behalf by Full Spectrum Debt Solutions


Full Spectrum Debt Solutions understands that debt can sometimes become unmanageable, often through no fault of the client. Our focus is always placed on satisfactory resolution, never on retribution and recrimination.


Clients are assured of Full Spectrum Debt Solutions’ utmost integrity in the handling of all sensitive information. No personal or business data is ever divulged, except as necessary in the ongoing settlement negotiations. Entities not a part of the subject interaction will never be provided access to any part of our client’s files.


What is meant in a business setting by the concept “ethical”? Looking it up in the dictionary will tell you that it means: “conforming to professional standards of conduct.”


We intervene in the process as professional negotiators, freely engaged by the troubled party. We then openly interface with your creditors and lay out all the facts of the circumstances they may not be aware of. We then offer a compromise to resolve the problem. We do not, and cannot, force an agreement.

Our job is to inform your creditors of the facts of the situation, explore the various scenarios with them and their probable outcome and suggest a resolution that will provide some benefit for both parties. It is solely up to the creditors to decide if the offered compromise is acceptable and beneficial to them. They always have an absolute right to reasonable results, as do you.

Of course, there is sometimes anger and pain for your creditors who are having the same problems we all are. It can be a difficult business decision for them to feel the necessity of accepting less. But not only does their business sense tell them that the circumstances warrant it, they also have civic concerns.

Creditors know that these are tough times for everyone and they do not want to drive the last nail into the coffin. They know you are able to pull out of this and come back to them over time. Additionally they need a solid core of a solvent business community around them for their own future well being. It is truly only common sense.

There is also pain on your part as you are writing checks to your creditors at a time when it is really tough to do so. By accepting a fairly offered compromise brought to them and followed through on in a totally ethical manner, your creditors are actually investing in their own future and the future of the community they share with you.

This is not a situation without problems, but it is absolutely an ethical solution.

Full Spectrum Debt Solutions benefits both sides to the maximum possible under the existing circumstances, a fact that your creditors are well aware of.

Without an agreement on a fair settlement, consider the losses to everyone, particularly those who will not survive this economic crisis.

It is ethical? We’re staking our very reputation on it.

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Our mission is to help as many businesses and consumers as possible with their current financial hardship, likely worsened by the current Coronavirus (COVID-19) Pandemic.

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